Microsoft SNDS Update

Deliverability consultants have closely monitored the Smart Network Data Services report provided by Microsoft as a means to assess the IP reputation of senders. SNDS attempts to simplify the many variables in consideration for inbox placement into a simple color-coded report. This has been an important metric in monitoring Hotmail deliverability. Recently Microsoft has updated SNDS with details on an important data point, spam complaints. 

JMR (Junk Mail Reporting Program) Block: This comment will show anytime an IP is blocked due to abuse complaints. If you are signed up for JMRP Reports, you can use these to identify what emails were considered abused or marked as junk by your recipients.

JMRP Spam complaint count: Complaints categorized as Spam for a particular IP on a particular day. The time in UTC only represents the ending day when the report is updated.

The Comments column is the new addition to SNDS. It includes spam complaint count, date and time. Initially it was unclear if the date and time indicates when the complaints were incurred or when the message was sent. 

We’ve observed the complaint date was not aligned with the date of sent mail. This seems to indicate the date and time pertains to when the complaints were recorded. 

Nonetheless, most complaints happen near the time a message was received. This point will help senders identify the message and target lists have incurred complaints and take appropriate action.

More Color on SNDS

SNDS displays aggregate results of spam filtering that is applied to all messages. Results are color coded based on filtering and inbox placement. 

Complaints are not the only factor impacting the SNDS color chart. Microsoft also operates a network of spam traps. Additionally, Microsoft’s Smart Screen filter can impact the color chart and thus your IP reputation and ability to reach the inbox.

With such a wide variety of reasons and huge margin for the yellow our hope was that Microsoft would more clearly outline the variables and contributing factors. But the comment section is a step in the right direction. From here senders and their consultants can take a deep dive in to message content, lead acquisition and list hygiene to maintain optimal inbox delivery on a consistent basis.